At Meta Accountants we ensure accurate accounts preparation services with on-time submission and easy-to-digest communication that allow you to make crucial business decisions.  Precise accounts preparation will help you plan your future tax strategies, improve your financial and management systems and create valuable financial reports.


Accounts preparation services and financial statements for every size of business, including limited companies, sole traders, partnerships, LLPs and limited partnerships

Annual accounts and periodic management accounts preparation

Filing of your accounts with Companies House and HMRC

Compliance with UK GAAP and UK Financial Reporting Standards in line with the Companies Act 1985

Explaining your accounts so that you can use them to help you meet your goals and plan for the future

Reviewing your business performance and providing constructive advice on potential developments your business could make

Preparation for HMRC investigations

Preparing financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Annual Accounts Preparation

Whether you are a newly-established company or a long-term operator in your industry, end-of-year accounts is a statutory requirement for all limited companies.  Even if you are just a sole trader, annual accounts can give you a clear understanding of your business and enable you to prepare accurate tax returns.

At Meta, we believe your accounts should be more than a legal requirement, they are the best starting point for improving your future business.  This is why we don’t just prepare your accounts, we help you eye them with a view to improving your future business results.

Management Accounts

Being able to view accurate and meaningful management accounts can help you to make the right strategic decisions for your company’s future, as well as acting as an invaluable tool for funding and investment applications.

At Meta, our expert team can provide management accounts preparation on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, incorporating cash flow forecasts, profit and loss reports, creditor and debtor breakdowns and end of year accounts.  These services can be provided in-house or on-site and are vital in helping you to identify and act on financial trends within your business.

More than just ‘accounts preparation’ these reports enable you to make informed decisions by setting the figures into perspective and we take the time to explain them to you, while being on hand to answer any queries you may have.


Gather Information

We will first need to gather all the information we need to prepare your accounts.  In our first meeting with you we will let you know what we need and where this can be found, depending on how your business is set up.  We will also advise on how you could do this more efficiently in the future.


We will analyse, record and collate all of your relevant financial and transactional information into a format that will allow preparation of your financial statements. If we have any queries during this time we will come to you directly. At this point, we will also make any necessary adjustments to ensure accurate accounts.


When we are satisfied with the financial records, we will then prepare your necessary financial statements. Depending on your business, these could include reports such as balance sheets, income statements, statements of changes in equity and cash flow statements.


We like to use this opportunity to review your financial statements with you, highlighting areas where you could make business improvements or efficiencies. We take the time to sit down and explain your accounts to you, highlighting financial trends within your business.


We are able to file your annual accounts on your behalf with the relevant bodies such as HMRC and Companies House.


Accounts preparation can offer your business so much more than just a statement. To find out how we can help your business with accounts preparation, we offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

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