Many businesses don’t realise that they qualify for R&D tax credits or are not claiming their full entitlement. At META, we have the R&D tax specialists, knowledge and experience to help you make your claim.

R&D Tax Relief at a glance

Tax relief available on qualifying costs for SMEs

Taxable credit on qualifying R&D expenditure for large Companies

Accurate estimates and no upfront fees

Specialist knowledge of R&D intricacies and legislation

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What is R&D Tax Relief?

The R&D Tax Relief scheme was first introduced in 2000 and is designed to encourage innovation and increase spend on R&D projects in the UK.  The relief has the potential to reduce Corporation Tax liabilities but is complex and has been through a number of recent changes to eligibility and the amount of relief available to claim.

There are significant savings to be made for qualifying companies, however the conditions under which they may claim are wide-ranging and particular.  Our R&D tax specialists can identify your opportunity for claims quickly and compliantly.

What qualifies for R&D Tax Relief?

Any company, operating in any industry, could be eligible for R&D tax relief. However, only work that is part of a specific project to make an advance in science or technology will qualify. The work that is completed must have taken place in order to overcome an uncertainty facing the business that could not have been easily worked out by a professional in the field. So, if your business is facing questions to which your team can’t find the answers, this may well be an indication of a qualifying project.

How is the scheme structured?

The R&D Tax Relief structure is split into two schemes; The SME Scheme and the R&D Expenditure Credit (RDEC) scheme. The size of your business will dictate which one is applicable to you. Those businesses with fewer than 500 employees and an annual turnover of less than €100m (or balance sheet less than €86m) will be part of the SME Scheme and any other will come under RDEC.

How much money could I get back?

The amount that you get back will depend on your company size and your applicable scheme, whether you are claiming via enhanced deduction or payable credit and also in which year the expenditure was incurred.

For expenditure incurred on or after 1st April 2023, the RDEC rate increased from 13% to 20%.

The enhancement rate for SMEs reduced in April from 130% to 86% with the credit rate decreasing from 14.5% to 10%.  Intensive loss-making SMEs can now make use of an enhanced rate of R&D relief announced in the 2023 Spring Budget. SMEs in which at least 40% of total business expenditure is made up of qualifying R&D spend will still be able to claim a payable credit of 14.5%.

How can I make a claim?

Claiming for R&D tax credits is complicated, with legislation and technical information difficult to interpret. Navigating the R&D tax relief claims process without the assistance of a tax specialist can result in inaccurate or non-approved claims. At Meta, you can benefit from our years of specialist experience in this field and be sure of maximizing your claim. We operate a simple, 5-step process and it all starts with a no-commitment consultation. Talk to us today

What is your fee structure?

We only charge on a results-basis, dependent on the claim that we are able to realise for you. We will agree our fee rate with you in advance of progressing the claim and will only take our costs once you have received your relief.

How long does it take HMRC to process an R&D tax relief claim?

Once a claim is submitted it will usually be processed within 4 to 6 weeks, providing that HMRC is in receipt of all supporting documentation.



We will meet with you and work to identify all activities within your business that could qualify for R&D activities


We will analyse your business accounts to capture all expenditure related to your R&D projects that we think will qualify within your claim


Using the information we have collated, we will create your technical reports that will be used within your claim submission.


Our R&D tax specialists will submit your R&D tax relief claim form on your behalf, ensuring box is ticked and in order for a successful claim.


As and when required, we will liaise with and answer HMRC queries to ensure that your claim is approved quickly and without issue.


You may have many questions about your R&D claim. That’s what we’re here for. Our R&D tax specialists can take you through your potential claim step-by-step, identifying potential returns from our very first conversation.