Business planning is crucial for your business if you are to maximise growth, stability and profit.  At Meta we offer a comprehensive business planning service to determine and monitor objectives, manage growth and resources, source investment and develop achievable goals.

At a Glance

Formulation and implementation of long-term strategic goals and processes

Comprehensive industry and peer benchmarking

Identification of key performance indicators and implementation of reporting systems

Ongoing performance and progress monitoring

Budgets and forecasting

Preparation of credible business plans for your business or third parties such as banks and investors

Identification and formalising of achievable financial and operational goals

Identification of business challenges or barriers to performance

Exit route planning

Business Start-Up Advice

Collaborative Approach

Nobody knows your business as well as you.  We make sure to work closely with you throughout the business and corporation tax planning process to enable you to input and provide invaluable direction on your business aims and capabilities.  Our process is both thorough and highly collaborative.   We find that, although most of our clients hire us to form a business plan on their behalf, it is often being part of the process that they find most valuable.

We will work with you and your team to define and refine your business model, identify high potential customers, fine-tune your marketing plans and improve your sales projections.  And, because our point of view is objective, you can be assured that you final plan will make a statement that is both confident and, importantly, realistic.

Investor Financing

A flawed business plan will stop many investors from progressing with a business.  Professional investors such as “angels” and financers see many start-ups and businesses looking for funding and it is crucial that they are able to quickly see the opportunity for recovering and gaining on their initial investment.

Proven and innovative business plans, with details and accurate projections, borne out of insight and appropriate benchmarking are a minimum requirement.  We can work with you to develop your business plans to drive home the investment opportunity that they are looking for.  Graphical and visually-attractive representations along with slick overall presentation form an integral part of these types of business plans, along with the inclusion of all relevant material and sources.

Internal Planning

This type of plan is applicable to any business, although the exact format and plan insertions will vary according to business type.  The most important variable for this type of business plan is the underlying complexity and originality of the business; a more intricate or unfamiliar business will usually require a more in-depth business plan.

All of these factors must be considered carefully during the business and corporate tax planning process and we can ensure that the right internal business plan is formed for your unique business.  Helping you to communicate and engage your workforce and partners in your business plan is all part of the service.

Bank Financing

Business planning for bank financing often requires a plan that focuses on hard data such as historical performance and cash flows and reduces the importance of projections and future potential.  We know that banks prefer stable businesses with consistent growth and available assets and collateral.  Proven business models with detailed and accurate market research, along with well-documented financial projections and extensive supplementary materials are integral to these types of business plans.



With years of experience developing business and corporate tax plans for a variety of business types and sizes, we are well positioned to support your company in this area.  Closely linked to our business planning services is our budgets and forecasting service. You can talk to our professional team today.