Evolving and busy business environments mean changing numbers and accounts requirements.  Often the expertise required is hard to find in-house.  Our expert accountants and tax specialists can act as your outsourced Finance Director, bringing the personal, embedded service you need but with the flexibility of an external service provider.

Flexible Finance Expertise, By your Side

Professional financial expertise at your fingertips

Full personal and embedded service as part of your Senior Management Team

Expert advice and financial planning in line with your business goals

Insight and data to help your internal decision-making

Representation in the boardroom and at external meetings

Phased levels of involvement depending on your exact business needs

Take the pressure off decision-making

Your outsourced Finance Director from Meta will quickly embed themselves within your team, getting deep into the numbers and, crucially, your business goals.  With fast and expert insight in cashflow forecasting, tax planning and budgeting you can be confident in your numbers and how they can be used within the business.

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A personal approach

Outsourced does not mean impersonal.  Our outsourced Finance Director will swiftly feel like one of the team, with their personable approach and excellent communication abilities. It is key for us to get to know your internal and external stakeholders to be able to represent you proficiently and in line with company culture.  Getting the tone right for you is as important as bringing the right financial insight to the table.


Meet you and the team

Our first step in being your outsourced Finance Director is to get to know your team.  How they would like us to work and how we are able to collaborate with them and tap into their resources and availability.

Understand Business Goals

Being able to contextually analyse your accounts means getting to know your business and its goals.  We take the time to speak to you and your stakeholders to understand your strategy and aims for the future, as well as any concerns you may have about realising your ambitions.

Build financial insight

When we are confident in understanding your business and stakeholders we will start to walk through your numbers, building a picture of how they could be used to help realise business aims. This can include different outputs such as cashflow forecasts, P&L, Balance Sheets and budgeting documents.  We can tailor your outputs and their appearance in line with business practices.

Presentation of financial insight and decision-making

We like to use this opportunity to explain and review your financial insight with you, highlighting areas where you could make business improvements or efficiencies. We take the time to sit down and explain your accounts, highlighting financial trends within the business and action plans for using your financial picture and projections efficiently in line with business strategy.  At this point we are fully knowledgeable and by your side at every step of your business journey.


To find out how we can become your business partner and take your business to the next level get in touch.

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