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With increasing financial pressures to the small business owner, now is the time to focus on cashflow within the business.  With incremental changes across different areas of the business you can make a real impact on how much cash you have available and how well you plan for the future.  Read our guide on how… Read more »

5 ways to accidentally mess up your R&D claim

Although a seemingly simple yet attractive option to the non-professional, R&D claims are unsurprisingly complex, with intricacies within the legislation often meaning that mistakes are unwittingly made to otherwise sound claims, especially when the claims are built long-term into the business forecasts.  These are the most common ones we see, often linked to business operations… Read more »

How to minimise risk on your R&D Claims

An inaccurate or flawed R&D tax relief claim can not only sour the reputation of a company, it can also break down relations with HMRC.  Our tax team member, Kate Knight, shares her tips on ensuring a correct claim and minimising the risk of incorrect submissions. Common mistakes with R&D tax claims Picking projects that… Read more »